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Parent’s Quotes

“My child and I have both enjoyed our…flexi school time…and I feel our time together is very precious.” Parent of a Year 4 child

“Flexi-schooling …has helped …my children integrate into school much better and they have good confidence in their learning abilities. As a result they seem to have done brilliantly and love school.” Parent of children in Year 1 and 3

“I really appreciate the opportunity to flexi-school and it has been very positive for our family. I think…my children…have really benefited from the focused one on one attention they have received. I can see progress in their work at home and this is also reflected at school.” Parent of child in Year 4

“I have had the opportunity to follow more fully the work…my child…is being taught in class.” Parent of a child in Year 1

“The flexi-school programme at Michaelchurch has worked extremely well for my two kids the past three years. It has enabled them to both ease into full-time schooling at the young age of 5 yrs, and since we have all enjoyed the experience of working together on a Monday. I find it helpful to continue to know what my children are learning and help in areas of need, which means I need to work closely with both of their teachers. The children seem to have benefitted greatly, and the best outcome is that they both have always loved going to school!”  Parent of Yr 1 and Yr3 children